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With over 30 years of experience in enterprise business and education, and in development for 20 years, the Artof toolkits are a result of over a decade of research, aiming to address the issues students, customers, leaders, and staff face on a daily basis.

Using the latest in innovative learning, and technology the Artof print book, interactive book and mobile app provides businesses and education institutions with the practical tools needed to enable progression professionally, develop new business tactics, and most importantly enabling understanding as to what drives customers and the issues they face.

A powerful tool for change, and with measurable results Artof has already helped some of the country's most well known brands, including British transport company ‘Great Western’, global bank Santander and Plymouth University, achieve better business. With learning at its heart.

Artof combines interactive learning with practical experience to empower creative thinking, problem solving and personal development.

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Artof is a versatile business toolkit to transform and improve the way of doing business. This practical business guide ENGAGES, ENABLES and EQUIPS future leaders. Artof empowers workforces, from managment level and below, to find solutions to problems, ensuring a more efficient, reliable and cost effective way of doing business.

Combining the latest in business thinking, innovation and technology. Artof provides staff with all the tools needed to enable success - from a range of books, to an interactive mobile application which works in tandem to provide the best the best in practical learning and experience.

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Read how we helped global banking powerhouse, Santander increase staff productivity by 40% in a matter of months